Bethel Baptist Church


I wanted to drop you a note to say how much we appreciate your ministry “Welcoming Touch.” It was so great to meet you in Wisconsin at the camp and to see your beautiful state and hear how God was leading in your life with the vision and dream of serving Churches around the Country. When you came to Bethel Baptist Church in Vilas, N.C. last year to help us in training to be a more welcoming Church, you came by faith. I so appreciate you being willing to come to a smaller Church. When I left First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks in Largo, Florida, I was leaving a Church of 8000 members where I had served for 37 years. We came to Bethel in North Carolina with less than 50 people attending. The Church is 165 years old and in a very remote, rural area. What a transition! We are now in our 8th year and God is blessing “big time”. Your ministry was so helpful and I can’t tell you how impactful that weekend was here at Bethel. Thanks for being so open to reaching out to churches of all sizes! I look forward to meeting up again this September in Wisconsin!

Pastor Charlie Martin
Bethel Baptist Church
Bethel, NC.