Church Planting Catalyst

Dear Church Leader,

I am serving as Interim pastor of a smaller church that had gotten comfortable. They began to realize their need to become a more welcoming and growing church. Sometimes all you need is an outsider to issue the wake-up call. Ward Utterback did just that. He asked me to help prepare the church for his visit and conference. The leadership knew what was coming and the impact of Ward’s Conference blew their socks off. One of our men has made Welcoming his ministry and he trains others in how to keep this ministry alive and well.

The church is much more welcoming and has grown. Now we have the luxury of experiencing some growing pains. They know now it “doesn’t just happen” but takes deliberate plans and actions if we are going to continue to grow and continue to be a welcoming church.

I want to recommend to you “Welcoming Touch Ministries” and Ward Utterback. Visitors will begin to become regulars and growth really can be achieved.


Dr. Dennis Hansen
National NAMB Missionary
Church Planting Catalyst