Harvest Evangelical Free Church

To Church Leaders of Welcoming Ministries,

I am writing to give an enthusiastic endorsement to Ward Utterback and the Welcoming Touch Ministries. Our Connections Team (the Welcoming Ministry of the church) recently hosted a workshop that trained our people in the activities of welcome and assimilation with Ward as our guest presenter. Our experience was very positive.

From the initial meeting to learn of Ward’s ministry to the final moments of the workshop, Ward exhibited servant leadership and expertise. His passion for helping guests feel welcome in a local church was contagious. But even more than that, he presented material that was practical and transferable to any local situation. The very next day, we implemented some of the principals he presented and our congregation was noticeably encouraged. He also left us with ideas that we can use to build our welcoming ministry in the future.

Welcoming Touch Ministries is a wonderful resource for any church interested in helping guests feel welcome in their first visit, as well as laying the foundation of love and safety that encourages them to return. I highly recommend Ward to any church that desires to increase their welcoming quotient.

For the love of Christ and His Church,

Scott Roen
Senior Pastor
Harvest Evangelical Free Church
Beaver Dam, WI.