LakeView Church

We are writing to thank you for the valuable information you provided to LakeView Church from your “Unannounced Visit” [dated January 17, 2016]. Your keen observation skills helped us see LakeView through the eyes of a first-time guest The fifteen page report you sent us detailed everything guests might experience when deciding to visit our church for the first time.

We carefully reviewed the information in your report and implemented many of your suggestions. These changes have helped improve our ability to connect with visitors. An interesting side-effect of your visit was that it sparked other ideas about how LakeView could become a more welcoming environment. This shift in our culture has made us open to try new things and continually evaluate the ideas raised by people at LakeView to determine which can help us enhance the visitor experience.

Since this recommendation might be seen by other people, we are listing information from your report that was very helpful to us.

Changes to improve the navigation of our website and fix information that was out of date.
Improvement signage both outside and inside our church to guide visitors.
Update Welcoming Team name tags to be easier to read.
Enhance visibility of our Guest Services desk for people entering the front doors.
Better Access to the Fireside Room where we serve coffee and tea.
Effectiveness of our Welcome Team before the service in greeting people and what we might do to improve the experience. This includes engaging visitors more proactively.
Sunday morning program changes to help clarify the information being provided.
Recognize a general need to improve the welcoming culture at LakeView, with intentionality in action from the pulpit to the pew. This includes the congregation engaging visitors during our “Greeting Time” and after the service ends.
You recommended applying the 10-ft. rule for people to apply when deciding if they should engage an unknown person.

Sincerely Yours,

Amy Elsner, Brian Moyer and Dave Wilson
Welcome Team Leaders
LakeView Church
Stoughton, WI.