Rolling Hills Church

Rolling Hills Church (RHC) was blessed by a [Welcoming Workshop] presentation from Ward of the Welcoming [Touch Ministries, Inc.] in May of 2013. The tools he provided the RHC welcoming team with have been invaluable. We were taught the basics of being a greeter, the great importance this role has on members and guests alike, what our responsibilities should entail, how we can show the love of Christ through this role, and much, much more. Ward was enthusiastic, comprehensive, and kept the presentation very interactive. We strongly encourage other churches who are looking to show the love of Christ well through their Welcoming ministry to be blessed by this presentation as well. Let it encourage and light a fire in your Greeting [Welcomer or Usher] team, just as it did with ours!
Heather Hansen
Greeting Team Leader

It’s always a challenge to make guests feel welcome without overwhelming them; but it’s very sad when people visit your church and aren’t engaged at all by people in your fellowship! It was so very helpful to have Ward evaluate us on a pre-op covert mission [an Unannounced Visit service] and explain to us where we were OK, and where we could improve. We knew the need, but we weren’t sure how or where to improve our welcoming warmth to visitors.

That’s where Ward Utterback simply shines. Our team was very well informed, energized, and equipped to make visiting Rolling Hills Church a positive experience for our guests. This little nugget – “85% of visitors who come back the second week in a row eventually join the church, so INVITE THEM BACK NEXT WEEK!” – was an eye-opener for me. It was an excellent investment for our church, and I wholeheartedly recommend Welcoming Touch Ministries to EVERY church that wants to take the first step of honoring and retaining those who visit your church!

Pastor Jeff Nettles
Rolling Hills Church
Platteville, WI.