Roseville Baptist Church

Last October we had Ward Utterback, from Welcoming Touch Ministries, come and teach our leaders about starting a powerful welcome ministry. We knew we needed training in this area because God was sending us dozens of visitors, but we retained less than 10% of them. After trying many things ourselves, we decided to contact Ward.

The class was about three hours long and worth every minute. Ward explained to us the purpose behind a welcome ministry and the process we needed to go through to make the biggest impact on guests. Everyone that took the class walked away encouraged and equipped to make a difference.

Since we have received the training Welcoming Touch Ministries provided us, things have changed for the better. We now have a welcome ministry that is intentional and impactful. Our guest retention rate has gone from slightly above 5% to about 40%. God continues to send new people our way and now we are actually making the most of those opportunities. God really used Ward and Welcoming Touch Ministries to better equip us to connect people to; God, God’s people and God’s purpose.

Roseville Baptist Church highly recommends Ward Utterback and Welcoming Touch Ministries. If your church wants to make the most of the opportunity God brings your way, when guests come through your doors, then you need to have Welcoming Touch Ministries and Ward Utterback come and train your people. Ward loves Jesus and is passionate about welcoming people into the Lord’s house. His excitement is contagious and his research and strategies are not only useful, they are transformational. We are so glad we contacted Ward and you will be too!


Pastor Jackie Hill
Roseville Baptist Church
Roseville, MN.